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Festival 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN to be held online

Festival directors Dr. Martin Steffens and Thorsten Schlenger have informed the artists from Neukölln yesterday that this year's edition of the festival will mainly take place online:

“The festival date (19–21 June 2020) is still valid, even if the situation is confusing and difficult to assess. Now is not the moment to cancel our festival, but to counter current developments with art. We would like to accompany the events with care and remain aware of you and our audience as a festival of responsibility. That is why we will try to jointly break new ground in art presentation: a challenge, but also a great opportunity.

Specifically, this means that together we can develop innovative formats of art presentation in the current festival edition: exhibitions will take place in digital spaces. We can realize studio visits via Skype. Shop windows, advertising screens and columns will continue to be our accessible exhibition areas. Together we can bring art into public spaces and people's homes digitally, who urgently need an artistic reflection of events, but also inspiring impulses at the end of June. 

Our topic continues to be “Boom” and is supplemented by “#systemrelevant” to raise the question of what contribution art and culture can make in times of crisis.”

Further information 48-stunden-neukoelln.de

July 29, 2019

Patchwork Healing Blanket workshops

Patchwork Healing Blanket is an art action that originates in Mexico and is aimed at female artists all over the world.

The idea: Together, artists create a total work of art from individual perspectives and forms of expression (printing, embroidery, weaving, patchwork, fabric painting...) that becomes part of an impressive performance.

The message: being part of a collective movement is not synonymous with the abandonment of individuality and creativity. It celebrates the diversity of creative forms of expression, which together result in so much more than the sum of the individual parts.

The Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln can identify itself with this idea, as it corresponds to its own concern to build bridges and make existing potentials visible through bundling, networking and encounter.

Workshop dates:

Young Arts Neukölln, Donaustr. 42, 12043 Berlin
August-03, September-01, September-08 – each 14 to 18 o´clock

Open-Air Studio BaumRaum on the New St. Jacobi Cemetery, Hermannstr. 99 (Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin)
August-07, August-11, August-14 – each 14 to 18 o´clock

Further information

May 22, 2019

48 Stunden Neukölln from June 14th to 16th 2019
Futur III

48std JensFerchlandquer

48 Stunden Neukölln stands to become a laboratory of the future. Futur III, simply put, is a look back at a future that has already passed. It is a grammatical structure which at first appears to be a paradox and requires a challenging mindset that is confusing in English, German and other modern languages. We examine " who we will have been being". 250 artistic projects deal with their relationship to the future and its consequences during the festival.


Photo: Jens Ferchland

May 21, 2019

Three new members of the Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln

We are looking forward to interesting additions in our ranks:

The Prinzessinnengarten is on the cemetery grounds at Hermannstr. 99 and plans new projects here. www.prinzessinnengarten.net

Sub Tei is a project space for visual art and at the same time a living-gallery, first opened for 48 hours Neukölln 2018. www.subtei.berlin

The GARAGE is an action space for performance, sound art, installation, sound poetry, spoken word, noise, objects, improvisation, electroacoustic workspace.

September 7, 2018

In Memory of Axel Daniel Reinert

Axel D. Reinert, long-standing head of Schillerpalais, active in the Network of free Berlin Project spaces, art blogger and supporter of the Berlin art scene, has passed on after a long illness on Wednesday, August 29th 2018. He had been an active and engaging networker and supporter of the Berlin art scene. We shall miss him!

August 21, 2018

We mourn for Nikolaus Hein

Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V. mourns for Nikolaus Hein, one of the founders of the society. He passed away on August 13th 2018.

Nikolaus Hein founded the Puppentheathermuseum Berlin in our neighbourhood in March 1995 and has since then committed himself to Neuköllner culture. We lose an active and creative artist who kept his eyes on more than the theatre puppets.

January 17, 2018

Neukölln art prize

NKPreise19grn klein

On January 20th 2018, about 300 guests at Heimathafen Neukölln gave a rousing round of applause to the following artists:

The first prize went to Claudia von Funcke, the second prize awarded to Regina Weiss, and the third prize went to Doro Zinn, who was also recipient of a special prize from STADT UND LAND (purchase).   

The district department of culture was able to award a total of 5,000 Euros for the second time to the winners of this local art prize.

A jury of seven experts nominated the following 10 artists for the Art Prize: Kristina Berning, Pascal Brateau, Barbara Caveng, Barbara Cousin, Thilo Droste, Claudia von Funcke, Peter Hock, Almyra Weigel, Regina Weiss and Doro Zinn.

Their work was on view at Galerie im Saalbau until March 18th 2018

November 22, 2017

The organisation is looking for

We are looking a new member of staff, as soon as possible, for the Berlin Mondiale project.

Job posting

November 15, 2017

The 20th edition of 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN

We'd like to invite everyone who has been part of 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN over the years to write something as a contribution to the upcoming book about the history of the festival to mark its 20th anniversary.

We are planning a commerative publication that not only describes positive memories, but also, especially, looks to the future. For this purpose, please send us your recollections, suggestions and hopes for the future.

Please send us your offering by mid-December in the form of text consisting of less than 700 characters and/or an illustration, a photo or other visuals. We will then assume, with your contribution, that you are willing to have what you send published. Please send your contributions with the subject line “Jubel“ to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We're looking forward to your input and thank you, in advance, for your feedback.

November 15, 2017

from June 22 - 24, 2018

PAS 07 Hi ReS Berlin Crptochron Philipp Hahn 05CPhilipp Hahn

Neue Echtheit – A new sense of of what is genuine, real, authentic

We live in an age in which what is legitimate, veritable and real is no longer clearly defined. An appreciation of what is original and genuine is now, through changed social conventions and new means of communication, less widespread; former certainties about economical and ecological developments fade and regard for such qualities have become anachronistic. Do we have to re-examine the meaning of what is real in this epoch of digital omnipresence? Is there still an expectation that art ought to be honestly real and genuine? These are the crucial questions that our festival theme poses.

There is often an assumption that artists produce work that is original or at least what can be “sold” as such. The art market demands work that is genuine and authentic, while also constantly redefining what is “real”, ever eager for direct echoes of the artist's biography. What strategies have been developed in the arts to deal with this need for authenticity? What materials, processes and approaches can still deliver what is really real? Does this approach need to be re-examined?


Beginning of applications / registration: December 11, 2017
Deadline for applications for contributions to the festival: February 11, 2018
Deadline for applications to the festival of Young Artsl: March 9, 2018
Deadline for applications for open studios, project spaces and guided tours: April 13, 2018

Photo: Philipp Hahn


Neuköllner Produktion and the Neukölln Art Prize 2018

The awards ceremony for the Neukölln Art Prize and the opening of the exhibition of the 10 nominated artists' work took place on Saturdtay, Januay 20, 2018 at 7 pm at Galerie im Saalbau.

Dates of the events in the framework of Neuköllner Produktion - Open studios:
Januay 20 – 21, 2018
Times: Satursday and Sunday 12 noon – 5 pm

Deadline for registration for the open studios part of Neuköllner Produktion was possible until November 30, 2017.

Details at: www.art-spaces-nk.de

October 16, 2017

Berliner Jobcoaching

The organisation looks forward to welcoming a new colleague for Berliner Jobcoaching. From today, Christoph Mann will be supporting the team working in Uthmannstraße 12. Consultation appointments can be made by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ringing tel. 030 / 58 60 12 60

August 31, 2017

The organisation is looking for

as soon as is possible, a new colleague to be responsible for the Berlin Mondiale project.

June 29, 2017

The organisation is looking for

From October 1, 2017 a new colleague to be responsible for Jobcoaching.

June 21, 2017

48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN – A festival of the arts
June 23 - 25, 2017

Festival-Thema 2017: Shadows

Shadows not only follow us in reality; they are also on our heels metaphorically. Turns of phrase like “Where there's light there's also a shadow”, “Great events cast a shadow” and “The shadowy side” are integral parts of everyday speech. Events do cast a shadow on entire epochs, people can be damned to a life on the shadowy side, yet new things can come to the fore, outside of society – both good and bad. Politics also have their shadowy side: populism, uncertainty, and instability have an impact on the phenomena of art and everyday life. The tension between light and darkness provides a broad spectrum of formal, artistic options.

Over the course of its 19 years of existence, 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN has, again and again, emphasised ideas in current political discourse. Sometimes, this wasn't enough to invite artists to delve into a theme and a statement was also made by the organisation itself.

Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e. V. has expressly criticised developments in the district that have led to the displacement of long-term residents as well as social and cultural venues. Investors who purchase properties in the area to speculate with them are not welcome – anything but!

Those who suggest that the arts are solely responsible for such developments are expressly invited to make an  ironic commentary about gentrification at the centre of activites during the festival, the Passage, where Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln is also based:

Make more - Architecture & urban policy association

The presentation of the results of an international architecture- and urban planning competetion MAKE MORE to redevelop the Passage. From more than 700 contributions, a project from Neukölln won:

This is a photo of Marc Klee's "Establishment" from the Out of the Dark, 2017
Photo: Ines Borchardt

March 28, 2017

The Comenius-Garten celebrates its 25th anniversary

There was a workshop in a greenhouse there: “the construction period was a very strenuous, but now, with light flooding the space, we are certain that this will prove to be a joy-filled component of the Comenius-Garten." Congratulations!

February 8, 2017

A new look to our website

Following the switch to a content management system, our website can now be read on mobile devices. For the time being, it is a work in progress...

February 1, 2017

We're pleased to welcome a new member

Our new member is Artplatform Cell63, a gallery and project space that the artist Luisa Cantucci established in 2008 in Schillerpromenade area. More information can be found at: http://www.cell63.com

The photograph shows a work that will be part of a show there from February 10-March 14, 2017, SCINTILLATION by AQUA AURA.

January 18, 2017

48 Stunden Neukölln – A festival of the arts

Takes place from June 23 - 25 in 2017. The annual theme for 2017 being Shadows. Registration for the 19th edition of 8 Stunden Neukölln are possible until February 6, 2017.

In a time which dark shadows are cast by political and societal cataclysms by populism, reactionary ideas, fear and tension, a time when the shadowy sides of our system have radically come to the fore, we'd like to open up a discussion about the many facets of this ambiguous and also aesthetically-challenging festival theme.

More information can be found on www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de

January 14, 2017

The Neukölln Art Prize 2017

The quality and quantity of artistic produkcion in Neukölln is, compared to other cities internationally, very high. This abundance and the considerable artistic professionalism, have all contributed to a new intiative from the district council cultural department: the Neukölln Art Prize. In response to the first call for entries from Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln, 180 artists with a studio in Neukölln applied. Ten of them were selected by a seven-member expert jury for the award, worth 5.000 Euro together. Their works will be presented in a group show, curated by Cathérine Kuebel at Galerie im Saalbau. The winners of the competition were announced at the ceremony on January 13, 2017:

1st prize DIANA ARTUS
3rd prize FRANCA WOHLT
recipient of the special STADT UND LAND prize: CARSTEN KAUFHOLD

Support for the award has come from the STADT UND LAND housing association and the BIWAQ-Projekt Unternehmen Neukölln.

Photo: Tanja Schnitzler

January 4, 2017

Neuköllner Produktion

As a year for art, 2017 began with the opening of a new celebration of art made in Neukölln. Neuköllner Produktion is a showcase of the diversity and quality of artistic production in what is presently one of Berlin's hubs of creative activity. There's a special dimension to beholding art beyond galleries and museums since, most of the time, artistic production in a studio occurs out of public view.

Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e. V. is pleased to present a new format for artists working in Neukölln, giving their activities new possiblities for presentation.

January 14 -15, 2017
from 3- 8 pm on each day

More information can be found on: www.art-spaces-nk.de

December 1, 2016

We welcome two new members

The archive of the Böhmischen Dorf e.V. (Website in progress) provides information about more than a 280 year history of migration. The archive documents life in Rixdorf, which was settled in 1737 by immigrants from Bohemia and their offspring. Looking back at policies about immigation during the Prussian period should, according to the archive, also provide insights into contemporary immigrants and their situation. Along with offering tours of the area still known as the Bohemian village, böhmische Dorf with its gardens, alleys and hidden courtyards.

Lite-Haus Galerie, which includes a project space, brings people together through art by facilitating intercultural artistic dialogue. Lite-Haus is a forum for exhibitions and projects that deal with various environmental, both ecological and cultural - dimensions in which art can be a useful tool to build bridges between people and their respective cultures. www.lite-haus.net

August 29, 2016

The Berlin Mondiale project begins its third season!

And for that reason, we're looking for a new member of our project staff.
>> download advertisement for the position

June 2, 2016

48 Stunden Neukölln has come of age!

The 18th edition of the festival showed art dealing the theme of SATT (contented, satisfied, full). From June 24 - 26 2018 the best of Neukölln, at more than 300 art venues, works by more than 1200 participating artists were on view. More at www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de.

May 9, 2016 

News from the head office

The board and managing directors are very pleased about a competent addition to support the team: Ilka Normann is back as one of the managing directors of the organisation. Welcome!

May 6, 2016

We welcome two new members

Kunst im Tauthaus www.kunstimtauthaus.de and Signtrail e.V. i.Gr., which does not presently have a website.

March 7, 2016 

The organisation is pleased that two new members have joined:

Kulturstiftung Schloss Britz (since March 1, 2016) and the Erdemuseum (earth museum, since March 7, 2016).

January 15, 2016

Hotel Rixdorf

The organisation welcomes a new member: Hotel Rixdorf (formally Central Rixdorf) at Böhmischen Platz! https://www.facebook.com/hotelrixdorf

December 21, 2015

Kulturnetzwerk turns 20

On December 15, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V. celebrates its 20th anniversary. By establishing the network 20 years ago various groups have been brought together giving Neukölln a new image; not only as the organisers of 48 Stunden Neukölln, but also of various other cultural projects. These include 19 Freiheiten (liberties), the Grenzgängern (those who are in between), Rudower Vielfalt (diversity in Rudow), and, to mark the 50th anniversary of Gropiusstadt, Kulturnetzwerk provided a new, innovative approach to culture there. Presently, the registered charity Young Arts Neukölln, which is part of the BIWAQ-project Unternehmen und Neukölln (businesses and Neukölln) co-operates with Berlin Mondiale all over the city to organise culture-related projects with people who have come to the city as refugees.

A way to provide paid work, and help cultural institutions in Neukölln carry out additional projects is yet another aspect of Kulturnetzwerk. Another is that, thanks to the network, over the last 20 years, several hundred people have been helped to develop a new relationship to paid work and many are now an active in the job market. To mark the 20 years of ite existence, Kulturnetzwerk has invited people to the Neukölln Opera. The event started out with a welcoming address by district mayor Dr. Franziska Giffey. Then, a number of prominent guests on the podium recallled the beginnings of the organisation in 1995, while also looking forward to the year 2035. Among those participating in this discussion were Dr. Dorothea Kolland (former head of the district office of culture) and the first managing director of Kulturnetzwerk, Jürgen Maier (now at the Maxim-Gorki-Theater) together with Thorsten Schlenger (Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.) district councillor Jan-Christopher Rämer, Ingo Malter (STADT UND LAND), Bridge Markland (performer), Andreas Altenhof (Neuköllner Oper) and Dr. Martin Steffens (Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.).