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Arbeitskreis Kultur in der Gropiusstadt

This working group for cultural activities in Gropiusstadt brings a number of different institutions and non-profit organisations located in the southern part of Neukölln together:Arbeitskreis Kultur ads Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt (the working group at the local community centre), the Selbsthilfe- und Nachbarschaftszentrum Neukölln-Süd (self help and neighbourhood centre),ImPULS e.V., Frauencafé e.V., Stadtleben e.V. and the St. Dominicus and Martin-Luther-King churches.

This working group facilitates cultural projects and holds events to contribute to a sense of community in the area.

Arbeitskreis Kultur in der Gropiusstadt
Lipschitzallee 80
12353 Berlin