Lange Tafel e.V.



The Lange Tafel a small organisation that has disportionately large impact. Chairman, Isabella Mamatis, is a theatre professional who states: “we understand our purpose to be to facilitate creativity, dialogue between different generations and dialogue between cultures. 'Living art, living with art in public spaces is the idea this project that inspires people to look forwards in time through participation in transformations.

For this purpose, we conduct multi-disciplinary workshops reflecting developments in history in which schoolchildren, through discussions and the opportunity to reflect, become aware of other ways to communicate. We initiate writing workshops, improvisation, role-playing, reconstructions of historical conversations and other types of workshops, and the results thereof are then part of our large-scale event in the streets and other public spaces in Berlin-Neukölln's Reuterkiez (as well as Bergmannstraße in Kreuzberg and Heidelberger Straße in Treptow).

Each year, around 300 schoolchildren host a spaghetti dinner on a long table while entertaining everyone in attendance. The young people invite their families and friends as well as people who live near their school and representatives of both politics and business. Special priority is given to older people in attendance, who benefit from the additional attention they receive.

Lange Tafel e.V.
Jüterboger Straße 6a
10965 Berlin