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ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen

REU 26 ohrenhoch der Geruschladen Active Colorize Knut Remond 04Jens Ferchland

ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen (the venue for sound) is an international gallery for sound-based art that also has a programme for schoolchildren, ohrenhoch-Kidsfocussing on electro-acoustic music und sound installations.

ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladenhas been in existence since 2008 and presents contemporary electronic / acoustic music. The sound gallery presents, every Sunday from 2-9 pm, exceptional, contemporary sound art as a loop on a special, permanently- installed loudspeaker system designed expressly for the purpose. 

Theohrenhoch-Kidsmeet revery week out at the gallery under Knut Remond's supervision. The ohrenhoch music school raises awareness of sound, acoustics and what isn't always heard such as everyday sounds and a multitude of forms of contemporary electro-acoustic music.

Knut Remond & Katharina Moos
Weichselstr. 49
12045 Berlin

Foto: Jens Ferchland