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The registered society

A total of 14 institutions established 1995 Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln as a registered society with the remit, in times of ever smaller budgets, of helping people find work in cultural organisations.

Today, along with important institutions in the district like   and constantly growing list of independent project groups, artists' initiatives, neighbourhood art centres and smaller cultural organisations, Kulturnertzwerk Neukölln has been able to do something that is unique in the German cultural landscape: bring members with a wide range of sorts of structures together to achieve a common goal. May Neukölln continue to be rich in its diversity of cultural activities!

The members' general assembly meets either annually or twice a year to make decisions about the future of the organisation. Every other month, the member organisations meet to strengthen the network through Jours fixes, held at a different location each time. There are also working groups focussing on specific issues within the larger group as well.

We heartily welcome new members and supporters.

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